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Basic Website Design - Free Tools

Symbol Codes

Web Design Symbol Codes - A listing of html codes to display symbols on web pages that aren't normally found on keyboards.

Web Stats & Counters

Both of these services are quite good at tracking visitors however I prefer StatCounter for recent traffic details and Google Analytics for long term traffic trends.

StatCounter is a free service which offers very detailed information on the visitors to your site. StatCounter is free for up to 250,000 page loads per month and you can review detailed stats for only the last 500 page loads. For tracking higher amounts of traffic they have plans which you'll have to pay for.

Google Analytics is also a free service for tracking website visitors but with no limits on traffic details.

Website Monitoring

Internetseer offers free website monitoring and reports if you're willing to answer the questions in a monthly survey. They will also provide services for a monthly fee for those who aren't interested in doing their surveys. 

Site Search Engine & Sitemap

In order to aid your visitors in finding what they are looking for it's a good idea for medium and large sites to have some type of search feature and/or sitemap.

FusionBot.com will provide a free site search function and automatically generated site map for websites up to 250 pages. For larger sites they charge a fee based on size but offer more features than the free version.

Google Site Map Generator

Getting listed in search engines is very important for visitor traffic on any website and submitting a sitemap to Google is a good beginning.

XML-Sitemaps.com There are several websites which will generate sitmaps for google but this is the best one I've found so far. Free service for websites of up to 250 pages.

Free IP Lookup (Whois)

At some point you may want to trace an IP address. Looking up IP addresses is helpful for finding out where a website's visitors are coming from.

The American Registry for Internet Numbers offers a free look up service.

Meta Tag Generator

When building your own website it's helpful to have the proper meta tags to aid search engines in classifying and ranking your website.

Submit Express offers a free meta tag generator and also offers a free meta tag analyzer to check the suitability of the tags you have created.