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Basic Website Design - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is XHTML?
  2. What is CSS?
  3. What is a pop email address?
  4. What is a ftp account?
  5. What is the "Compliance Service"?
  6. What is "Site Optimization"?
  7. What is "Sub-Contracting"?


What is XHTML?
XHMTL (EXtensible HyperText Markup Language)is the source code used to create a web page. As the web grows there are new types of internet browsers and upgrades to the original browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. In order for each of these browsers to display a page properly they must "read" the source code. Originally the code was known as HTML and then, after several versions, that was improved on to create XHTML
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What is CSS
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) are part of a web site which isn't seen by a visitor that will dictate the style of the different aspects of the web pages. The CSS sheets will tell the browser the size to use for a heading or font, or where to place a picture or image on a page and what colours to use and where to use them.
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What is a pop Email Address?
POP (Post Office Protocol) email addresses are created by the user to send and receive emails through an email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Netscape Messenger etc. An email address such as Hotmail or Yahoo are not pop addresses and as such must be accessed by visiting their website to retrieve you messages.
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What is a ftp account?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts allow you to upload your web pags directly to your web vps host's server. There are several programs available that will access your ftp account automatically when configured with your user name, password and web site information.
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What is the "Compliance Service"?
The internet is not a static entity; it continues to evolve and grow on a daily basis and websites that are not compliant with the current standards may not display or function properly. Yesterday's browsers would allow for sloppy web page coding but as browsers evolve and technology expands web page source codes must be precise to function properly.

When you choose One Stop Website's compliance service, we will check the source code of your web site for non compliant html coding and rewrite it as needed.
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What is "Site Optimization"?
Image Optimisation is one area which needs to be considered. Slow loading web pages annoy visitors to the point where they may move on to the next website rather than waiting for your pages to load. Images or graphics which have too high a resolution, or are too large can significantly slow page loading. When you choose our image optimisation service we will adjust the images on your website for the optimum size and resolution.

Search Engine Optimisation is just as important as page load time. If the search engines aren't listing your site or ranking it poorly the amount of traffic you receive to your website will suffer. Proper "Meta Tags" for keywords and description and page content written
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What is "Sub-Contracting"?
Our services are available to other website design companies on a contract basis.

  • Ever had to turn down jobs because you weren't large enough to handle them?
  • Ever had to work every night and weekend to get those big sites built?
  • Have too much work for your staff but not enough to justify hiring more staff?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we encourage you to contact us for more information on this service.
Terms are negotiable and dependent on the level of skill required and time involved.
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